Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Winds of Change // Personal

With the turn of the season, there’s the opportunity to reflect. The idea of change is especially pertinent in our lives right now!

In the past, we feel we’ve done pretty well with change. From a brief living stint abroad to traveling and even the adjustment of living apart to living together after we got married, we’ve been pushed here and there when expectations did not line up with reality. We’ve had to learn to swim after being tossed in the water.

Which in a way, we love. But it’s also terrifying and uncomfortable.

So far in this season of change (fall, college, structural difference in Amanda’s day job, and us going through the process of purchasing our first home), there are some things we’ve tried to be keenly aware of:

1. Of course change is inevitable. You can’t expect many things in life, but you CAN expect change itself. The first time we visited a dear friend, we noticed a mix of picture frames filled with family and several picture frames sitting empty (even though she is absolutely charming and has many friends). When we asked her about the empty frames, she shared her fear of putting people in the frames only to have them leave her life after. She would be left with the pain of their memory. That hit home—change will always be there.

2. However—you can create positive memories you can hang onto. My sophomore year of college I broke apart from my core friend group. I felt so lonely and devalued—how was I the only one that was left out? Was it something I did? Even though there was pain and uncertainty in that time, when I think of the lovely memories we made together, I can thoroughly appreciate the role those girls played in my life. I would not be the person I currently am without their being in my life. Create positive memories you can hang onto during turbulent times of change

3. The most reassuring thing about change is there are still things that remain unchanging. We’re treading in completely unfamiliar territory in buying a house, but we’re still married at the beginning and the end of each day. We’re committed to communicating and working through problems, house related or otherwise. Even if the change is uncomfortable. Where we find our ultimate comfort is in God. There’s something steadying in knowing that He’ll never change, no matter how much life does.



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