Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Catching Up in Indianapolis // Travel

After a trip to Cincinnati with our family, we decided it would be a fun to pause in Indianapolis on our way to St. Louis for our end of year trip.  You know how family getaways can be life giving and a bit exhausting. 😉 

While we were in Indy, we got to spend time in a sweet Airbnb (with a super friendly kitty!) and catch up on some work that had been lacking over the holiday.  We decided to set up shop in an old German building that had been converted into a cafe (and a YMCA at the other end?  It was quite the place). We snacked on a buttery ham & cheese croissant with a delightful and unexpected amount of dill as we typed, organized, edited, and planned away on that sunny afternoon.  As a side note, it would be an incredible location for wedding photos! The place was filled with history and had absolutely huge windows. 🙂




We looked up other things to do and see in Indianapolis and decided it would be best if we did just one small thing and then continued our journey to Missouri.  This was Matt’s favorite part of the Indianapolis trip—visiting the Peyton Manning statue outside of Lucas Oil stadium.  A few years back Matt went to that stadium to see the Broncos (with Manning as the quarterback) play the Colts (Manning’s original team), so the visit to Lucas Oil was a bit more meaningful to him as he stood by the statue of one of his sports heroes. Matt also mentioned (a few times) that he would love to get a drink with and just hang out with Peyton as he is genuinely a stand up kind of guy!  





We were fortunate to have our brief stop in Indianapolis!

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