Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

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This is a prime example of why you need to actually plan things (at least a tiny bit). 

Our anniversary is in early July.  We had a touch of a break in our wedding season, so we thought we would take a few days mid-week to go to Nashville before things picked up again to celebrate our two-year anniversary and explore a place neither of us had ever been.  We kept talking about it, talking about it, getting ideas, talking about it…

*if you’re talking about doing something, this is your sign to just do it* 😉 

Almost the whole month of July had gone by (we spent our actual anniversary staying at the apartment, playing video games and staying in our PJ’s until we went out for dinner and then to a pool party with our Bible study.  10/10 would recommend to a friend) and we hadn’t booked anything in Nashville.  One night at 11:30 we decided we would just book something and everything else would fall into place.

Which it pretty much did…? 

We started our drive late Tuesday morning to arrive in Nashville at just-late-enough-to-feel-tired o’clock.  We put our things in the Airbnb, took a glimpse at the skyline, and got going!

If you know the two of us, you know that Matt would be willing to go out any night and Amanda is willing to stay in every night, but on that particular evening we were both ready to go!  We stopped at places recommended by friends as well as things that just looked good or were hinted about by locals—if you’re ever planning a trip to Music City, we have you covered. 😉 

Something that we loved about Nashville was that it hit you like the Eiffel Tower did for us our first time to France.  You’re walking along, looking here and there, wandering towards your goal hoping you find it soon…and then it HITS you.  That moment of Eureka falls upon you and you’re so happy—you’ve made it. 

Nashville’s Eureka was amazing not only because of the views, but this Eureka had sound.  Music bumping from every bar poured out onto the streets, and groups sauntered along Broadway, happy that they didn’t need to be anywhere else but here.

Our first rooftop bar looked out over a few other bars where you could hear their music and see their people.  As we looked down, we noted how many people were carrying guitars (Amanda decided that would be her accessory next time we come down).   Some people were dressed up Southern style (khakis and a navy sport coat, lightweight dresses), and some people were dressed more relaxed.  It’s amazing to take a look at a culture that is essentially your own (American), but at the same time is completely different.

We also had our fill of the tastiest Southern comfort food—Mac and cheese every day, fried chicken, slaw, and our first (and last?) Moon Pie.  The drinks were so tasty, mixed with just enough punch and sweet.   

With all our observations and conversations and experiences, we’re so glad we chose Nashville for our anniversary trip! 




















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