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A Typical Sunday // Erickson Chronicles

The water’s running in the kitchen. 

 “Come on! Gogogogogogo!”

The water stops.

“Dang it!” 

A few seconds later:

”Let’s go! Thank goodness.” 

 The water turns back on.

It’s moments like these when I love being married.  The sun is pouring in the window, making a winter Sunday ridiculously warm in our small apartment.  Matt’s watching football and washing dishes, because our humble abode has no dishwasher, and I’m making a grocery list in the living room.  It’s a simple day, but it’s a beautiful one.  I can’t imagine sharing my life with someone who isn’t so caring and serving as Matt is.  We have our miscommunications, but in moments where I get to see my husband be goofy but also take care of us, I know we made the right choice.  

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