Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Café on the Irish Coast // Travel

As we’ve been going through some of our travel archives, we’ve come across our old way of jotting down notes before drafting a blog post.  This particular list was too accurate, we decided to leave it for your viewing pleasure! 

  • While waiting for a boat to take us to the Aran Islands, we stopped at a super beautiful cottage/cafe combo

  • Ran into Irishman and talked about culture

  • If we walked into Irish wedding they’d probably be like, hey, have a pint!

  • If you know any Irish people getting married tell them about us because we would love to do Irish weddings

  • We love coffee; we take photos of it way too much

  • This place also had a sweet moto (aka motorcycle)

  • This place had great coffee, Irish people, and a sweet moto; it wins all the points

  • Its inside looked like a cabin/resto combo and it was really pretty. Driftwood choses*. And there was a French guy. French + Irish = done

  • We want to shoot weddings in France too, so.

  • FIN

*Choses = “things” in French

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