Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

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We will always be in love with Ireland.

While we love and appreciate the countryside (and always, ALWAYS want to spend loads of time there when we head to the Emerald Isle), we also love doing a day visit to the capital.  

When we made the trip out from the west coast, it felt like a long drive (but it’s Ireland, is there really a long drive ever for an American in Ireland?), but we knew what was waiting for us:  the Guinness Storehouse and 3FE alone would make the trip worth it.

3FE holds a near and dear spot in our hearts, as we first visited it while we were studying abroad in France.  The fancified versions of coffee flights with a relaxed, not better-than-thou atmosphere is what made the combination wonderful for us.  They’re about simplicity, but variety.  Our barista this time around, Gaereth, was a blast to talk to.  Turns out he shoots film as well, so we had a jovial conversation nerding out about all things film!

We also love the history imbedded in this place.  While Dublin didn’t always have a happy history, her people are so vibrant and lovely today.

And they make great beer.

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