Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Remember When // A Look Back at 2018’s Weddings

Every year we like to look back at what we’ve done—it’s a good practice to have, both personally and professionally, and nothing gets us smiling like talking about the people we’ve gotten to work with.  
Usually the conversation goes like this:
*out of nowhere* “You know what was a super fun wedding?”


“*any wedding we’ve done with at least two supporting reasons why it was amazing*”

“Oh my gosh, absolutely!”

Seriously.  We’ve done it with every single one of our weddings at least once, some many times over.  As if we needed a reminder for why we do this, the end of the year gives us another reason to look back and smile.  And maybe laugh out loud.  

We get to relive the day through the images and retell stories, even briefly.  

Here are some humorous, some serious wedding riddles (some people have multiple—some crazy fun days are in here!):

1) Remember that one time we had pizza in the middle of the day with the bridal party?

2) Remember when the bride walked into her reception venue and teared up because it was basically a fairy tale?

3) Remember that one time an Amber Alert went off right before the bride & groom were about to be announced husband and wife?

4) Remember that one time the groom had rapper socks for all his groomsmen?

5) Remember that one shot of the groom tearing up beautifully?  

6) Remember that one time the bride’s sisters rewrote an entire Taylor Swift song and sang it as their speech (and everyone cried)?

7) Remember that one time WE SWEATED OUR A**** OFF and HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES splitting our sides laughing?

8) Remember the one time the reception went into Legally Blonde mode, full with choreography and a woofing Bruiser?

9) Remember the Ultimate Cleveland Wedding™ that basically taught us the meaning of friendship?  

10) Remember when we witnessed a serious jam session to Arabic music?

11) Remember when we got to visit the bride’s grandma in the nursing home after the ceremony?

12) Remember the one that looked like Joanna Gaines might have planned the whole thing?  

13) Remember when the high school couple got married?

14) Remember when the officiant accidentally kept asking if the groom was ready to take his wife as his husband?

15) Remember when the flower girl could not decide where she wanted to be for the ceremony?

16) Remember the wedding that had the live painter?

17) Remember when the best 2000’s R&B set up was bumping all night (feat. the occasional prop)?

18) Remember that one wedding where the couple basically adopted us as their family and snuck us drinks from their personal flasks?

19) The veil situation…

20) Remember the one time the bride came up to us happy crying at the end of the night, saying she would’ve paid anything to have us be her photographers (and kept introducing everyone to Jen)?

21) Remember when we got to use French all day and see two families just bond immediately?  

Next season is coming up, and we can’t wait to add to our “Remember when”s.

2018 Weddings in Review by Cleveland Wedding Photographer Matt Erickson Photography

Photo by Renee Lemaire Photography

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