Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Sydney // Senior

Wooster, Ohio

We have to be honest–this was the first sunrise shoot we’ve done the day after a wedding, and we were a little nervous.

How were we going to give our best early in the morning the day after we just gave our best all day? (coffee) 

Thankfully, fall is gracious with its slightly later sunrises and crisp-yet-cozy mornings.

We started our day with a quick run to Starbucks (Matt described his order using few words and many gestures–guess who isn’t a morning person!) and a beautiful drive to Sydney’s childhood home.

Sydney and her parents gave us a mini tour and showed us their oasis of a backyard.  A small pond speckled with yellow leaves, a fun tire swing, an endearing and spirited bench–this place was marked with the love of a family over many years. 

We started the morning with a go on the tire swing.  Sydney begged her dad to make one for years, and she finally got it during high school (there was finally a branch that was big enough!).  We made sure to use it well today, having her swing and breathe in the cool air.


To mark the connection of family and the kindness of Sydney, we also captured her on a bench she made for her dad.  Since both parents were outside with us, we got to catch a glimpse of them (there might have been some teary eyes!).  At just the right time, the neighbor kitty came over for a visit!  She was so sweet and even took a gander at the camera every once in a while!









It was a great way to start the week–a morning spent creating with people we care about.

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