Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Events Held Dear // For Brides

We’re excited to introduce Events Held Dear as our second entry in our preferred vendor series.  We met Events Held Dear around the same time that we were introduced to Evergreen Flower Co. (who you can read about here), and have absolutely loved to getting to know Leda and her team. 

One thing that Amanda and I absolutely love about EHD is their deep love for that small details that go into planning your wedding day. They share our commitment for creating celebrations that are not only timeless and heartfelt but also stress free. It was due to these similarities and being consistently amazed by their work that we asked Leda to put together some tips that we could share with you. Her responses are below (PS: we’re big fans of #3):

1. Hire a Wedding Coordinator, even if you have a venue Coordinator!

Why: In most cases, a venue Coordinator is an employee of the venue, who needs to be there on the day of to make sure nothing goes wrong with the venue itself. Their job is to make sure everyone (brides, grooms, families AND vendors) enjoy the venue and its grounds to its fullest capacity. They know the venue better than anyone else, and help your vendor team run your day in a way that’s flawlessly executed. Your Wedding Coordinator is someone you hire outside of your venue coordinator! We know every aspect leading up to your day: your wedding design, decor, detailed timeline, bridal party, all of the vendor responsibilities and the details that make your event yours. We are able to work with you closely leading up to your day, focusing on only a limited number of weddings a year, and are more fine-tuned when it comes to the small details. We have a bit more of a curated approach!


2. Less is More.

Why: Weddings are expensive, and we totally understand! Before you start hiring your vendors, make a list with your partner about what is most important to you, and what isn’t. Pick and choose where you want to spend more of your money, and where you’d prefer to save a little. Often with decor, less is always more. Instead of focusing on renting fancy plates, expensive table numbers and maybe even favors, pick a linen color that speaks to your aesthetic! Why not bring in a lot of candlelight, and spend a bit more on some gorgeous floral arrangements. Signs these day are way overdone – there’s no need to label everything! Guests know those are cupcakes – they’re right there! We’re not knocking nice plates and other details, because if you have the budget, we’ll help you make it happen! But for those of you wondering what to spend money on, we recommend starting this way. Focus on classy decor that can speak to your aesthetic, but also that you can look back on and enjoy years from now.



3. Hire a Great Photographer

Why: It makes ALL the difference!!! We have so many clients that come up with beautiful wedding designs, have impeccable taste, and then hire an average photographer, and it’s just SO disappointing. I’m not sure where I heard this recently, so I apologize, I can’t credit them, but it was along the lines of “Have a $90k wedding and hire a $2k photographer, and your wedding will look like it was $10k. Have a $30k wedding and hire a $4k photographer, and your wedding will look like it cost $90k”. Obviously these aren’t exact numbers, and its just an example, but it’s true: Hire a photographer with GREAT work, and your wedding will look incredible, even if you didn’t necessarily have the budget to go all out.


4. Have FUN.

Why: It’s your wedding! I think it’s so sad that when someone says, “I’m planning a wedding”, what often follows is “Yikes, you must be so stressed!”, or something along those lines. Have fun and enjoy this time. Because here’s the thing: I can type up a million little tips that end up resonating to some, but not to others. The bottom line is: do what is best and most enjoyable for you and your partner. Hire a planner or coordinator so that we can do the dirty work, while you enjoy the fun stuff 😉 You wouldn’t do your taxes yourself, you would hire a professional! Hire a professional when it comes to the most important day of your life as well.



Venue: The Columbus Athenaeum | Stylist: Events Held Dear | Floral Artist: Evergreen Flower Co. | Hair & Makeup: The Bride Bar | Film Processing: Photovision Prints

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