Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

The Best Stories Start with Guinness // Erickson Chronicles

Sometimes traveling looks like planning for months, trying your best to plan out everything you want to do, and sometimes it looks like a really cheap flight from a budget airline to a place you’ve never been.  Our trip to Portland was the latter.  A pretty price and a free weekend added up to our first adventure on our crossing off the States!

To make the deal even sweeter, we went to a pub with friends we hadn’t seen in a while the night before leaving, and as we’re catching up over a pint Courtney says “We’re going to Portland tomorrow.”

“Shut up.  Are you flying Frontier?”

“Oh my gosh, yes.  What time, 4:23?”


And thus unofficial travel buddies were made of the four of us, even if it was for only a brief time that night.

Another good travel sign was the fact our Uber driver to get us to the airport asked us, “How are ye?” With a wonderous Irish accent.  Matt was also pleased that the driver also asked where he was from (if you’ve heard Matt talk, you might trace a bit of a British-sounding accent…but despite his wishes, Matt is not British)!

From the last time we were in Ireland, at the top of the Guinness Storehouse :) 

From the last time we were in Ireland, at the top of the Guinness Storehouse 🙂 

We had our airport Chick-Fil-A and were ready to take off for our 5-hour flight across the country.  We noted that we were sitting behind a young family, so we weren’t sure how long the flight would feel.  When the airplane sped up to take off, the toddler sitting next to the window started squealing with delight like he was on a roller coaster: “WOOOOOO HOOOOOO YEAHHHH!”  We were cracking up!  They were a joyous family to sit behind on a plane.

After landing, we got our bearings in order and confirmed with each other: this is the first brand-new-to-both-of-us place we’ve been since 2016.  And we couldn’t be happier to be here together.

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