Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Making Music // Erickson Chronicles

Amanda got a ukulele for Christmas and is LOVING it.  So much so that she’s been playing it daily, occasionally more than once a day if she can.  She learned some chords and has even memorized a couple of songs. To be honest though, I think her favorite thing to do is to just play around by plinking the strings. Granted she comes up with some really neat stuff that’s all her own but let me tell you, it’s a lesson in patience some days. 😉

That being said, experimentation is part of any learning process, and Amanda has been toying around with various chords in order to make songs that we write together randomly.  This morning’s song went along the lines of a kitty getting lost only to be found in a pail.  You know, the normal top selling hit type of thing! 

I will say that it’s been great to have something that speaks to Amanda’s creativity and is in no way related to work. It’s been wonderful seeing her learn and my favorite part is the happiness she shares with me whenever she learns something new or finally gets whatever she’s been practicing.


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