Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Apple Adventures // Travel & Personal

Rittman, Ohio

We don’t have kids yet, but we envision Christmas mornings with kids go something like the experience we had regarding apple picking:

It’s 7:18am on a Saturday we don’t have a wedding or sunrise shoot, and let me tell you those mornings are precious. That being said Amanda turns on the lights and promptly gets out her ukulele and starts playing softly, then increasingly louder as Matt hopes she stops playing and go away 😉 She got up on the bed and started leaning close to my face, saying “Get up, Nermy!  It’s time to go apple picking!  They’re going to be open soon!”

Matt groggily rolls over as Amanda jets out of the room only to come back a few minutes later with renewed energy.  Amanda was kneeling next to the bed, her eyes at Matt’s level.  

“Get up nermy.”

She pulls back the covers.

“Mmmmm” Matt muttered to acknowledge that he was waking up and we were indeed going to pick apples that day (third attempt is a charm).

Apple picking was able to ensue, and we had a great time a) being early (credit to Amanda), b) the act of picking the apples, and c) taking photos of the occasion (inspiration credit of Matt)

A real thing Amanda remarked about apple picking and the aftermath: AWESOME OMG LOOK AT OUR FRIDGE NOW ITS SO APPLEY I WANT PIE AND DUMPLINGS OMG FALL YAAAAS.*


*Note: she’s not always that enthusiastic, but when she is SHE IS, you know?





As usual the film scans were done by Photovision Prints. I do want to mention though, that this was one of my first shoots with my new (to me) Canon AE-1 program. It’s been super easy to use and a ton of fun. It’s also much lighter than my professional gear and I plan of doing most of my personal work with it. 🙂

I also feel like Bauman Orchards deserves a mention and link here so please do yourself a favor and go visit before fall ends. You’ll be glad you did.

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