Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

How to Love Your Engagement Session // For Brides

Nobody wants to feel awkward or out of place. It’s like that throughout life.  When I first started my teaching job, I would be sure to go to the lunchroom to eat with everyone else to be sociable, but I always felt like I had nothing to say.  A girl can only small talk so much, you know?  

I also felt really uncomfortable at my engagement session with Matt–it’s weird to have virtual strangers follow you around with cameras as you try to do everything you’d normally do, just way closer together so you can fit nicely in the frame.  How can you fight those feelings of discomfort?

I’ve reflected on my personal experience from having an engagement session that was largely uncomfortable (but beautiful!) and my experiences being on the other side of the camera, and this is what I’ve got to help ease that awkward vibe:



Part 1:  Dress the part.

Choose your clothing, hair, and makeup in a methodical way.  You want to look like you, but this is also a time to dress it up a bit.  Pick clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in (Pro tip: heels make legs look fantastic and the body look lean–plus I love click-clacking around, personally!).  Coordinate with your fiancé, but be sure to stay away from matchy-matchy vibes. 🙂  An example of coordinating could be you wearing blush with a navy accent and your fiance wearing navy!

Part 2: Hair and Makeup.  

Another way to alleviate stress during your shoot is to get your hair and makeup professionally done.  It’s a great way to know you’re looking your best and to not overthink whether a curl is sitting just right or if that slight imperfection on your lips will show in a photo.  It’s also an opportunity to give your day-of stylists a run!


Part 1:  Remember why you are there.  

You guys are getting married, and this is likely the first step in your relationship where it’s been documented professionally.  Your story is important, and it’s brought you to this point.  I love asking couples about their stories (usually Matt gets to do this first on the phone) because every story is different.  At this point in your story, you’re gearing up to be husband and wife.  That is worth documenting.  

Part 2: Remember that you hired your photographer for a reason.  

It’s our job to make you look amazing in your photos; you don’t have to do all that work!  We’ll likely have you sit a certain way or look in a certain direction from time to time, but that is to make you look your best.  We want you to feel comfortable!  



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