Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Chicago Engagement Session // Beth & Tim

We do engagement sessions to get to know our couples and help them feel comfortable with us photographing their wedding day. It’s what gives our images their intimacy & relate-ability. We try to buy wholeheartedly into the couples we work with.

It was in that same spirit that Amanda and I packed our bags and headed to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Both very fortunately and unfortunately it was the weekend that worked best in our collective schedules which means we got to see the river turned green and quite a few reveres turn green as well.

Fortunately we only saw one person sick in the street. All things considered I think it could’ve been worse.

Back to Tim and Beth’s session.  We met Tim and Beth at one of their favorite coffee shops near their home, a charming and eclectic shop called Beans & Bagels.  We knew it was a winner when we walked up and the sign said “ferme” which is closed in French.  It also helped there was a plastic triceratops sitting atop the sign in the window. When the shop opened I was further convinced we were in a great place as I heard some very familiar lines playing overhead. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was playing on the tv above the barista bar.

We got our coffees, settled in and commenced with getting to know one another.  As usual there was a brief period of feeling one another out and trying to fret comfortable.  Tim and Beth are both actors/comedians, so this period led to a lot of jokes and funny faces to break the ice.

Chicago Coffee Shop Engagement Session - Matt Erickson Photography

Chicago Coffee Shop Engagement Session - Matt Erickson Photography

Chicago Coffee Shop Engagement Session - Matt Erickson Photography


After coffee, we headed down to the train station to create some images that were a little different for Amanda and I but I’m so glad we got to step out of our comfort zone.  While Amanda and I live in Cleveland, it isn‘t too often that it feels like a bit city.  Therefore getting to create some really neat subway shots with Tim and Beth was so cool.  It was originally her vision, and I’m so glad she shared it with us.  Also Beth’s major in musical theater really showed itself with this masterfully aesthetically pleasing dip.


Our final stop was Wells Park, the quaint park really close to where they live.  They spend much of their time there and it’s become a place filled with fun memories for them. Upon arriving at the gazebo, we found a man thoroughly representing a statue and we were concerned about the gazebo’s availability. Yet upon approaching him he was super kind (dont’ let city folks scare you) and he took his tai chi practice to the lawn.

Chicago Coffee Shop Engagement Session - Matt Erickson Photography

Chicago Coffee Shop Engagement Session - Matt Erickson Photography


From the gazebo, we ended the session on the swings and it was the perfect representation of the playfulness of Tim and Beth’s relationship.

I could write a small novel about how wonderful going to brunch with Tim and Beth was afterwords, but suffice it to say we’re privileged to work with some of the kindest and sweetest couples and Tim and Beth’s wedding has the potential to be one of our all time favorites.

Then we went to brunch and it was awesome. End scene.

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