Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.


You Belong // Video

Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio

Working with the Well is always rejuvenating, and this particular project was no different.  Community is something that the Well values deeply.  They were searching for a way to communicate to anyone feeling uninvited that everyone is truly welcome in their church.  The idea for the video stemmed from me truly trying to communicate joy, the joy that’s felt in this place and the joy that’s felt when people come to get to know each other in this place.  Working with the various members of our community was as hilarious as it was special.  So many willing hands pitched in to this project, and it’s wonderful to see it come together.  If you ever find yourself in the Ashland area on a Thursday night, know that you are welcome here and you belong here.  

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