Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

The Aunes // Wedding

Throughout our lives, there are those teachers that you know will have an impact on you for life.  I’ve been fortunate to have a few of these over the years, but Dr. Aune is one of the professors I value greatly.  He’s intelligent, humble, grandpa-like, and looks a little like Santa Claus.  Dr. Aune and I would have meetings that revealed a lot about myself and about Dr. Aune, and conversations often branched out beyond the academic realm.  After one of these meetings, he asked if I would be interested in photographing his wedding.  It was such an honor to be asked in general, but when I captured the event I felt even more honored. 

The gathering was very small; only immediate family and very close friends were invited.  In meeting with Dr. Aune prior to the event, I knew that he valued creating amazing images of the day to beautifully capture the pivotal moment where he and Ramona made everlasting promises to each other.  Throughout the day Dr. Aune’s young grandson frequently stole the show and attention, but I hope that one day little David is able to look back on these pictures and fondly remember his grandfather’s wedding day. 

After the ceremony, an intimate reception was held at Dr. Aune’s beautiful A-frame log cabin.  It was like being in C.S. Lewis’ study, but much more personal! From cute puppies to laughing children and goofy cake cutting, it was a joyful and genuine celebration for the marriage of Dr. Aune and Ramona.

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