Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Stories & Direction // Video

Wadsworth, Ohio

This project was a great reminder that stories really do drive everything.

 Story provides direction, foundation.  A good story not only provides direction but also leaves the reader with a lesson or at the very least, an emotion.  It’s hard to have a bad time hanging out with my fiancée, but any time I get to see her in a dress, it’s guaranteed to be a good one!  That being said, when she and I headed out the door I left without a plan.  I left without a story in mind.

 So even though some of the shots were beautiful and looked great on camera, when I sat down to stitch them together during editing I found myself stuck.  I was looking for the direction that stories provide. 

What’s so exciting about weddings is that I have the immense privilege of stepping into a story actively being written.  I get to step in right at the climax of the couples’ story so far.  That’s not to say that the wedding day will be the height of the couple’s relationship, but it is the moment that everything changes.  Storytelling is so important to me, and telling your story well is even more so.  Here’s to learning and to constant practice and to even better stories.

PS: Be sure to let it load in high resolution, YouTube makes it look not so good. 😉


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