Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Wooster Bridal Shower // Makenzie

Wooster, Ohio

You know it’s a good shower when happy tears come from more than just the bride.

The love was STRONG at Makenzie’s late summer bridal shower!  So many people came bearing gifts to shower her with love.  Our favorite surprise travel story was that of Danielle, one of Makenzie’s bridesmaids.  Danielle and Makenzie grew up together, forming a relationship that remains infallible even with the challenge of Danielle living states away in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Since the trip to Ohio was so far, Danielle had assured Makenzie she was going to make the bachelorette party later in the season but couldn’t make any promises for the shower.

The day before the shower, Makenzie’s mom and one of her maids of honor, Myranda, wanted to get together for lunch with Makenzie.  They kept pushing back the time, and if you know Makenzie hungry it is not a pretty picture!  When Myranda finally showed up to Makenzie’s house, she busted through the door, turned around, and got out her phone without a word (which, according to Makenzie, isn’t too far out of character!).  In walks Danielle, whose travels were slightly delayed (hence the moving of lunch time).  Makenzie was SO surprised, and Myranda caught a video:



The grand gestures of love for Makenzie had just begun.

At the shower, all the guests were bustling with a low hum of excitement waiting for Makenzie to arrive to the venue.  Gifts were piled over by a sunny window and romantic display, and mimosas and treats (including chocolate covered strawberries and debatably the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had!) were waiting patiently to be enjoyed. 

Makenzie arrived to the teal fete, popped a bottle of bubbly, and got things officially started.  After lunch (nobody wants a room of ladies hungry!), mimosas were refreshed and the party goers joined around Makenzie to watch her light up as she opened their gifts. Some of the highlights include a KitchenAid mixer, an apron that Makenzie swore she was going to wear that night,  and a mystery gift that the givers were overjoyed to give.







"What can't Makenzie live without?" -Maid of Honor to Nick  "!" -Nick

“What can’t Makenzie live without?” -Maid of Honor to Nick

“Uh…!” -Nick





Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  The gift was towered high and saved for last.  Each box contained a sentimental note explaining the contents–an heirloom from her ancestry, a new bracelet from Nick, a handkerchief…and then the blue box.


“Am I gonna cry?” Makenzie asked.

“Yeah, probably,” one of the bridesmaids, Ashley, helpfully offered as all the bridesmaids moved up close to watch Makenzie open the very last gift.

“Wait!  Before you open that one, what is your favorite movie?” Ashley asked.

“Sex in the City.” And then the moment of recognition…

Makenzie moved the blue crinkle paper aside slowly but intently, then she pulled out the shoebox.



Her bridesmaids, along with some family members and other friends, had all pooled together to provide her one of her wedding day wishes–the same shoes Carrie Bradshaw receives in Sex in the City when Big proposes.  There were tears from all over–Makenzie, bridesmaids, family, friends that traveled from near and far.  The love in that room was so strong!


If the emotion present at Makenzie’s bridal shower was any indication, Makenzie and Nick’s wedding day will be incredible!

Photography: Matt Erickson Photography | Venue: Quailcrest Farm | Calligraphy: Allie Sprang at Joyful Journey | Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

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