Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Kirsten // Senior Photos

Sterling, Ohio

First off, it feels important to mention what an awesome family the Hilty’s were to work with. Kirsten and her mother were simply an absolute pleasure to work with the entire time. They also made my job easy! Kirsten’s outfits were perfect–super classy, super beautiful, and you could tell that they were just her. She brought a hat, which was hilarious and yet entirely perfect. They also made each other laugh which is key to natural photos. Most of the time I chat constantly with the senior but it was nice to have a teammate in Kari.

Kirsten is an incredible athlete, and it was cool to see how confident she was.  In both her session at the OARDC and on the bike path in Creston, Kirsten was classy and fun–we laughed so much! She was willing to trust me and do some things that sounded crazy (like having her mother fan her with my giant reflector).  It’s clients like that where I’m not just taking photos, I’m creating art that reflects the both of us.  

Another humorous part of working with Kirsten is that we had practiced Kirsten’s non smile/smeyes.  In order for Kirsten to do a non-smiling photo, it took a couple of tries.  That’s how big and joyful her natural smile is!  By the end though, she was a pro : )

It was a great day to take a photo.


PS: Post session selfies were great too! ; )



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