Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Jason // Senior Model

Smithville, OH

Senior photos are awesome. They curate who we are, who we were, at a pivotal time in our lives. Often times though, people can have a too narrow view of what senior photos can be. They think that their only options are either a staged smile in a dark studio or a similarly staged smile standing in a park. We approach things differently. At our core we are storytellers. We want to show future generations who you were, who you really were.

So when Jason’s mom, Angie, called and asked if I’d have any interest in doing a powerlifting photoshoot, I responded with a resounding, “absolutely”. Jason is crazy about powerlifting and he’s quite good at it. He brought a friend along to spot him and I brought a really open mind. What we were able to come up with together, well, I think it’s awesome. 

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