Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.


Fashion Inspired Couple’s Session // Matt & Audrey

Every friend group has a planner—the one who does the research, asks the questions, and makes the moves for everyone to benefit.  Between the two of us, usually that’s me (Amanda).  I’m typically the one who goes on Pinterest, makes lists, and sometimes I even go full old-school and get books from the library to learn more about places we want to visit or things we want to do.  In the world of taking photos though, usually the planner is Matt.  He walks around quietly, calculating time and light in order to create the best possible version of the image he has in mind.

This evening, we switched places and it was WEIRD.  I tried calling most of the shots on location and composition while Matt took the back seat.  To add another layer of growing from discomfort, we tried a style we don’t do very frequently—one based almost entirely on a “je ne sais quoi” type of attitude rather than the joyous playfulness of being in love.






The test drive went well!  Matt and Audrey were amazing at trying new poses and angles, and we grew in our artistry as we ventured into the realm of what we like to think of as a French perfume commercial 😉

As we were going through the images afterward we noticed a pattern, as beautiful as some of the images looked in color the atmosphere and styling of the session just begged for everything to be in black and white. What do you think? Would you like to see some shots in color or are you as in love with the consistency as I am?









PS: While the majority of this journal entry was written by Amanda, I (Matt) just wanted to add that every single image you see above was taken by Amanda! We haven’t gotten the film scans of my images back yet and we just couldn’t wait any longer to share this entry. I’m so proud of how far she’s come and how incredible this post looks! If you agree leave her a comment below! 🙂

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    Beautiful work!!! Beautiful people ♡♡♡

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