Warm Summer Sun // Personal

I can't believe that it's September already, it seems like only a few weeks ago that Amanda and I were looking forward to school letting out and all that we planned to do over the summer months. If you follow our journal you've definitely seen a good deal of our adventures and I'm pretty satisfied with all we were able to do. That being said I was thinking back (and also paging through our film scans) I realized that while we did some pretty cool big things there were plenty of day-to-day moments that were beautiful as well.

Amanda and I believe that good imagery is only possible through relationships and relationships are formed through intimacy. So if you'd like I invite you to step in to some of the more personal moments of our 2018 summer.

Because this entry would be a mile long if I gave the full back story to each image and/or set of images I'm going to write only a brief caption.

A beautiful barn and sky on a family bike ride near Belleville.

A day spent at my parent's house at the lake. We swam all afternoon and then went back to the house for some steak, watermelon, corn-on-the-cob and other summer staples.


Having moved down to Wadsworth for a short while it's easier to appreciate the city and all that it offers. We were in Cleveland for business but decided to drive up early and explore Ohio City a bit.


And finally... my family got a puppy this summer!!!! Her name is Ember and she is absolutely adorable. :-) 


Warm summer sun,
    Shine kindly here,
Warm southern wind,
    Blow softly here.
Green sod above,
    Lie light, lie light.
Good night, dear heart,
    Good night, good night.
- Mark Twain