Paige // Senior Model

Smithville, Ohio

People look different when they’re comfortable.  They hold themselves differently when they feel comfortable.  It’s because of this that I work extremely hard to ensure all my clients feel 100% at ease whenever we work together.  It’s so important to me that people truly feel empowered to step into whatever story they are looking to tell. 

When Paige and I first started shooting together, I could tell there was a tension that I didn’t want to be there.  That being said, through quite a few jokes and natural conversation, I began to see her shoulders go back and her head lift higher and her smile brighten.  By the end of the session, Paige was skipping through creeks!  Her, her mother and I were chatting as if we had known each other for ages.  It was an incredible privilege to get to tell this part of Paige’s story and I’m so excited for our next shoot later this fall.