Reilly // Senior

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

We closed out our weekend with a visit to Olmsted Falls to take advantage of the fall colors (that are quickly fading!).  Reilly and her mom met us there at a beautiful bridge that turned out to be a VERY popular place for pictures.  

As the most popular spot was crowded, it gave us the opportunity to get a bit creative as we walked about town to wait for the crowds to disperse.  Olmsted Falls is already quaint, but with the touch of fall it is borderline irresistible--the locally owned shops, the brick walls and dark siding, the park nestled into downtown.  

Reilly brought her sweet smile and relaxed/amiable demeanor with her, and we created some classic images with her!

*There were also some really weird moments along the way, but that's a story for another time ;)