Mary & David // Wedding Video

Ottowa, Ohio

Every once in a while life can hand us a happy coincidence.

Such was the case when I received an email from Mary, a person whom I had neither met, nor heard from, before. I was especially surprised because she asked about our company doing videography for her upcoming wedding.  While it's something we happily offer, it isn't a service we often advertise since our specialization is photography.  As it turns out, Mary was engaged to David, the brother of our dear friend (and roommate at the time) Jeff. The story comes full circle here, as we created a music video with Jeff some time ago (you can see that here).

Long story short, we ended up getting to tell a beautiful story about Mary and David. Their story is one of remarkable durability, their relationship lasted through multiple ups and downs as well as time apart. In the end though, we got to party with incredible and supremely goofy people on the day these two promised themselves to one another.  We're so happy that time brought these two back together.

P.S. The toasts at this wedding were some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. (Thanks, Jeff!)