Sweet Engagement Session in the Woods // Amelia & Jake

When we met with Amelia and Jake to talk about wedding photography, the Ingrid Michaelson song “You and I” came on over the Starbucks speakers.  Amelia & Jake stopped talking for a moment and looked at each other—“do you hear what’s playing?”  Amelia shared with us that she and Jake performed You and I at their high school talent show back when they first started dating.

And now, the song is more or less coming true ;)


Amelia & Jake have such joy emanating from them—from Jake, it’s more overt and sharing the humor; from Amelia, it’s this overall sense of unshakeable contentment and seeing the best in life.  We loved spending a summer evening with them for their engagement photos—what better time of year to take photos of people who have within them an eternal summer?


When we were talking about locations that were important to them, Amelia pointed out her parents’ property.  It’s where she grew up, of course, but it’s also where her dad grew up, where her grandmother still lives as well as her aunt.  Everybody has their own space on a slice of heaven twenty minutes off I-71, and Amelia and Jake are planning on taking their own piece after they get married.  We were thrilled to take pictures of them in a place where they will continue to build their future!


This couple also has a penchant for music.  We were the biggest fans of the acoustic set Jake played for Amelia in the woods!  He even played a song that has significance in our relationship without even knowing it!  “Falling Slowly” from the musical “Once” (story for another time) caught both of us off guard.  Amanda noticed it first, then you could see Matt’s eyes light up when he recognized the tune.  It was a sweet moment enjoyed by all!