Medina East Picnic // Event

Medina, OH

     This was the last of three picnics hosted between two of Medina East's Life Groups (small groups within the church).  The Stoner Life Group had made it a mission to get to know some of the other members within  the growing church. They did this through showing incredible love and hospitality to other life groups and invited us to come along and capture it for them.  Once again tractor rides were the highlight of the event.

     Even though there were a lot of things happening it was easy to see that genuine conversations were happening.  There was such a relaxed atmosphere, and it made it easier for people to connect.  People weren’t on the outskirts; they were involved in conversation with others. It was so much fun to be able to tell the story of this happy day.  Take a look at all the fun we had, and please feel free to contact us about telling your next story!

     It’s a great day to take a photo :)