Joe // Senior Photos

Wooster, Ohio

As with previous clients, Joe's session was a bit of an adventure.  We decided to pass on the usual downtown Wooster locations and visited somewhere a little more eclectic.  We felt this location matched Joe, a really unique blend of interests and passions. Joe plays football for Wooster High School but is also part of the television and video crew for the school (which was a fun coincidence, as that was my major in college).  To represent Joe's varied interests, we chose a location that offered a blend of landscapes, both rugged and natural.  

For the more rugged side of Joe, we did some shots in an abandoned brick building.  I love the color of brick.  It's warm, it's friendly, and time only makes it look better.  To show Joe's classier side, we did take a quick trip to visit the Board of Education (because who can pass up marble and pillars to showcase class)?   

It was a great day to take a photo.