Lakeside Engagement Session // Josie & Eric

We could picture it: a perfect evening on the beach, wind softly blowing and sand between our toes.  We pulled the car into Chick-fil-A and made our healthy choice of the day (salads.  But let’s be real—nothing can take the place of their sandwiches and fries) and started talking about what the next few hours might hold.

When we got out of the car at the beach, the wind was the first thing that hit us.  It wasn’t the gentle, flattering breeze we were hoping for—it was more like powerful gusts coming off the lake, blowing the leaves of our salads out of their containers.  Not exactly what we were hoping the weather would bring for the night’s engagement session in Cleveland!

When we met up with Josie and Eric, they were still all smiles.  Something that we love about Josie & Eric is their clear commitment to their families.  While some couples bring their dog (or something else significant to their story) to their engagement sessions, Josie and Eric took it up a notch by bringing their kids!


So many times, you see and hear of kids in blended families not getting along well.  This wasn’t the case with Josie & Eric’s children!  You could tell they cared for each other, and our theory is it came from Josie & Eric’s love for each other.  


We loved how sweet Eric was with Josie, and how he knew precisely how to make her laugh.  Josie had mentioned before how their family wasn’t super natural in front of the camera.  This is something we hear pretty often, but are never too concerned about—especially because we know the answer to this is allowing people to just be themselves together.  Eric made our job super easy, and we’re so excited by the number of genuine smiles, laughs, and embraces the two of them shared!