Hard Lessons // Personal

Ashland, Ohio

I. Love. Football.  I love it so much that I put it in my bio.  On everything.  It's something that I relate to; something that I understand.  Every game is a chapter, and every season a long story. Each season is shaped by new characters, new events, and each season has the chance to play a massive role in each player's life.  

Football is about overcoming.  Football is about commitment.  It requires so much dedication, and it teaches morals deeply.   I attempt to bring to those same lessons to my business every day. Teamwork, humility, steadfastness, intensity.  

When I had the privilege of photographing Ashland University playing in the NCAA Division II playoffs, you can imagine my elation--I even got an official press pass!  But the problem with great stories is that they don't always end happily.  The game was well fought, but in the end the Eagles lost.  Getting to capture not only the game, but the players' reactions after it was an experience that I will remember for a long time.  Photographs tell stories.  They humanize people, and they capture emotion.  

It was a great, yet hard day to take a photo.