Joyful Beach Couple's Session // Amy & JJ

Bradenton, Florida

When we scheduled our spring vacation to Florida, we weren't expecting to run into MEP Bride & Groom Amy & JJ, take photos and spend hours eating a pizza picnic on the beach and chatting for hours as the sun set on a typical Tuesday...but that's exactly what happened when we found out the town where we were staying was the town Amy & JJ moved to after their wedding last July.

We were able to capture some great beach vibes, and we so loved talking to them about how things are going for them in married life and the challenges they encounter.  Amanda and Amy connected over being a little more conservative in their approach to life, and Matt and JJ laughed about their eternal optimism and go-with-the-flow nature!  

From the challenges of finding a church home, to dogs, to apartments vs. houses, to budgets, to job ups and downs, the four of us really covered the gamut! We love that we were able to catch up with this wonderful couple!


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