Fashionable Fairfield University Engagement Session // Sarah & Mike

When we think of New England fall, we think of driving through the country, brilliant colors blurring as we go past.  What we didn’t realize as Midwesterners, though, is the bright color lasts debatably a shorter time in the northeast than it does in Ohio!  Even though we were too late for the vibrant colors, we still were able to take in a myriad of scenes, both historic and natural, peppered with levels of beauty on our trip to Connecticut.  And honestly, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We met up with Sarah & Mike over coffee, dressed on the cozier side and were introduced to the best egg burrito in town offered by a little food truck outside the coffee shop.  Cups clinked around us as we talked faith, direction, career, and where to get a wubby—you know, the good stuff. ;)

Then we got to the other good stuff—their afternoon engagement session at Fairfield University.  As we drove up to the building, it felt like we were either in another country or at least in a movie.  Our first stop was stunning, with a Hogwartsy building (technical term) and sprawling grounds behind.  It was classic and elegant, and was at one time the University President’s home, so we’re sure that Matt would love to get lost in all the studies within! Although we never got to enter, we imagine it smelled strongly of leather and books. 

Sarah & Mike brought the class with them as they stood together in the early winter chill.  They also brought a sense of humor as we took breaks for them to snuggle up in the cold and put coats on while we were brainstorming.  Originally when we planned our shoot with them our goals were elegance and for the images to feel bright and airy.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite cooperate with us, but Sarah and Mike’s go with the flow attitude brought its own sort of light.  Plus Mike can make Sarah laugh pretty much at the drop of a hat, so that’s a bonus. ;)


As their session had gone late into the evening, we were all pretty hungry and decided to all get dinner together.  It was a great opportunity to continue our conversations from earlier in the day as well as continue to get to know this sweet couple who we’re excited to celebrate with next year!