Mountaintop Experiences // Travel

Continuing the long overdue journey through our 2017 Colorado trip we come to Estes Park and the surrounding mountains. Estes Park has always been a bit of tourist’s town, it’s the last real civilization before diving into the wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park. Sitting at an elevation of 7,522′ it’ll quite literally take your breath away. ;-)

I don’t know why but I’ve always been a fan of heights, they really excite me. I feel like I’m standing on top of the world and even remembering that feeling brings a smile to my face. Naturally the elevation in the valley wasn’t enough so we took the arial tramway to the summit of Prospect Mountain. The views, and pictures below, prove that it was more than worth it.


As we were taking in the views (and I was taking quite a few photos) I found myself switching back and forth between creating images of the stunning vistas and the people around me. It surprised me a little bit because we had gone all that way to see mountains! But once they were in front of me I was reminded of the age old saying that what matters isn’t where you are, but rather who you’re with.

With that in mind, I finished off about half a roll of film capturing my goofy, adventurous Pop, who taught me how to climb mountains in the first place and who is a constant reminder of the joy that can be found in them. I love that these photos genuinely feel like him and they make my memory of the place all the more valuable because of it. :-)