Cleveland Cultural Gardens Engagement Session // Chelsea & Andy

Cleveland, Ohio

On today's episode of Professional Third-Wheeling...

We started the evening walking with Chelsea & Andy, catching up and getting some expectations for the evening.  We talked about Andy's puppy, photo location plans, exploring, and career paths (like teaching and being a giraffe), all to the soundtrack of a bumpin' block party (?).

We loved their honesty, and one of the things Andy mentioned was that he doesn't know what to do with his hands in photos (who can relate?).  So often couples come to us looking for natural feeling, more unposed photos, which are great when they come naturally!  When it doesn't come second nature, we're here to help!  We're all about making suggestions that feel right to you as a couple.


One of the things we like to do during sessions is to see if a couple is more romantic and intimate in front of a camera or more playful and goofy.


This session was especially rewarding, partially because we had been planning it for so long and partially because we got to hear, "I feel so much more confident now" in regards to being in front of the camera and loose posing (music to teacher Amanda's ears!).

We're so looking forward to their wedding this October, where it could be just as hot as today (in the 80's) or potentially snowing.  Ya know, Cleveland.