Lakewood Engagement Session // Brittany & Kegan

When we arrived at Lakewood Park, it was happy chaos.  Families out with their kids, picnics, barbecuing, runners, runners with dogs, walkers with dogs, just dogs, and a VERY large group of children running in circles in what looked to be a training camp with no sports attached.

We were only looking for two people, but we found hundreds.

Luckily, Brittany and Kegan had their dog Zoey with them, so that narrowed down our options by almost half! ;-) When we found Brittany and Kegan, Zoey the beagle was so excited to meet us and to be at the park!  She’s a younger dog, so all the stimulation was nothing short of fascinating.  After a bit of conversation, we started Brittany & Kegan’s shoot at the place where they got engaged.  Zoey was very excited to be in photos too!


After documenting Brittney & Kegan’s love for Zoey (and all her excitement & antics) she headed home with a friend. As we countinued our session we weaved around even more people the closer we moved to the lake.  It was no surprise to see so many people lined up to see the city skyline over the water.  We were able to have some peaceful moments as we walked around the shoreline, talking about weddings and things they’re looking forward to between now and then. In this season of almost-but-not-yet, we had a lovely evening celebrating their engagement!


Film Processing: Photovision Prints