Cozy Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session // Caroline & Ashley

Imagine you’re on vacation in another country and you meet someone.  And then you happen upon them again.  And you keep in touch…and fall in love.  It sounds a bit like a movie, right?  But Caroline & Ashley met in this way in LA when Caroline was living there!  Now Caroline is back in Ohio, and Ashley has moved all the way from London to be with her.  With the two of them engaged and the wedding planing in full swing, things are exciting in a different way. ;-) Ohio doesn’t offer many of the same attractions that LA or England did, however there are plenty of green open spaces and you can see the stars at night.

We went to a Christmas tree farm to take advantage of the season, even without a lot of snow.  We met on a frosty Sunday morning to take advantage of winter’s soft light and a touch more sleep for Ashley, who works nights.  Caroline & Ashley were total champs in the chill, keeping each other warm by being close (quick engagement photo tip: when you stand closer together, the photos look more intimate—plus you get to share warmth if you have a winter engagement session!).  We loved wandering around Riccardi’s tree farm, talking travel, and documenting this wonderful time of anticipation for Caroline & Ashley—and we definitely had the seasonal rosy noses by the end of the session!  ;)