Ashland Bridal Show // Event

Ashland, Ohio

We recently participated in our first invite-only bridal event, a special honor for Matt Erickson Photography. At first, there were a couple of nerves.  We want to give the absolute best to our brides, and sometimes first impressions can be tough.  We brought along some of our favorite work and were looking forward to listening to the amazing stories that were sure to come.

The day of the bridal show arrived and we felt ready!  The best part of the show was spending time with truly engaging people--so often in life we end up running full speed ahead and miss out on opportunities as a result.  We're so glad people at the Ashland Bridal Show were the type that like to take it slow. Naturally, there were many people who were there to pass through, but we care about relationships and growing them. The people that stopped by that really wanted to know us and what we were about got to know us, and we were lucky enough to get to know them.  Turns out it's such a small world--we met somebody from our small hometown in Colorado which NEVER happens!  People were real, we were real.  It was a wonderful day.

Below you'll find just a few images from Juliana Bridal's fashion show, also featuring Truly Yours Fashion.