Bohemian Summer Baby Shower // Ashley & Jamie

Something that thrills us about wedding photography is the relationships it forms.  If you've ever put so much anticipation and joy in the same place mixed with a bit of problem solving and time management, relationships are bound to form (that's one of the reasons we love traveling with friends; we become so much closer!).

One of our dear relationships formed through wedding photography was with Ashley & Jamie, who are now expecting!  We were so happy to be able to capture her baby shower and all of the sweet moments of love being poured out for this new creation.


One of the moments that most stood out to us were when Jamie's mom gave Ashley Jamie's hospital bracelet from when he was born.  Ashely felt the weight of that moment, and Amy (Jamie's mom) was so glad to give it to her daughter in law!


Another big moment was when Jamie showed up early with a gift for Ashley.  It was in a big, bright pink, slightly wrinkled bag, but when Ashley dug down she found a ring box.  The ring inside was adorned with diamonds and sapphires, September's birthstone.  She put the ring on next to her wedding band and engagement ring (if that isn't symbolic, I don't know what is!).  Motherhood looks good on ya, Ash!


Photography: Matt Erickson Photography | Venue: Quailcrest Farm | Dessert: From Scratch Cupcakes | Dress: Fillyboo | Calligraphy: Joyful Journey | Film Processing: Photovision Prints