Medina East Picnic // Event

Medina, Ohio

     This weekend we got to witness two of our favorite things—picnics and community.  On a quasi farm on the outskirts of Wadsworth, two Medina East Life Groups (small groups within the church) got together in order to get to know one another better.  Apart from the food itself, there were also tons of activities for everyone to enjoy: a bouncy house, a trailer ride via a 1939 John Deere, yard Jenga, and a mix of other outdoor joys.  The crowd favorite for the little ones ended up being the sandbox under a clubhouse.  That’s where most of the kids were gathered when one of the dads called for them to come to the circle for prayer before the meal started.  When he said, “Come on kids, we’re going to pray,” one of the boys called out “I already did!”, as if he had met his quota for the day.  The innocent comment won over a few laughs from the crowd. 

     Even though there were a lot of things for everyone to do, the best part was the fact that people were actually talking to each other.  There was such a relaxed atmosphere, and it made it easier for people to connect.  People weren’t on the outskirts; they were involved in conversation with others.    This is something we appreciated about this event—people showed love for one another.  Take a look at all the fun we had, and contact us for your next event!

It’s a great day to take a photo :)