Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Ashley & Jamie // Engagement

Millersburg, Ohio

This blog post has been a looong time coming.  There have been so many difficulties, obstacles and frustrations in the adventure that working with Ashley and Jamie has become.  They’re incredible, vibrant people, and we’re so glad that we weathered the storm with them.  Working with them this past weekend proved what I had held out for all along–that in the end, all the challenges would be so worth it.  

Part of what helped me keep the faith is the fact that Ashley and I are kindred spirits.  A soul-deep wanderlust, an affinity for over excitement, and a deep-seeded love of Harry Potter makes us highly compatible communicators.  It also means that we got to have a role reversal on one of our favorite ice breakers.  Usually at the beginning of a shoot, it’s difficult to feel at ease and be yourself.  To make that easier at engagement shoots, we ask the groom to tease the bride so she will smile. When the bride smiles, the groom smiles, and you get a couple having fun and some laughs!  Due to Ashley’s robust nature I knew that the opposite would be true in this case, so she teased Jamie.  Jamie started the session a little distant, but as you’ll see we quickly had him offering wry smiles and real chuckles.  It was so wonderful to watch the two of them goof off, truly interact, and love each other in our short time together.

 We explored Lake Buckhorn, which held deep emotional relevance for the two of them.  It’s where they shared many of their “firsts” together–their first date, their first kiss.  It was such a privilege to be able to step in and not only be a part of this pivotal part of their story, but also be able to document the misty-eyed reminiscing of their beginnings and the hopeful, anticipatory smiles for their approaching wedding day.  

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