Stories of refined revelry from around the globe.

Stories of refined revelry around the globe.

Bob & Christi // Wedding

Wooster, Ohio

     Being at Bob and Christi’s wedding was a refreshing experience.  During the ceremony, the theme was old versus new wineskins.  In the Bible, it mentions how you can’t put old wine in new wineskins because the new wineskins would burst.  The couple used this metaphor to describe how they were entering into their new marriage with a new mindset.  The ceremony was also marked by the special music and readings.  The nuptials leaned more towards being a worship service rather than strictly the exchanging of vows.  While this isn’t necessarily uncommon, Bob and Christi’s ceremony really took it to a more profound level.  They made it about Christ more than about themselves.  

     In taking photos of Bob and Christi after the ceremony, we saw a mixture of joy and relief in their eyes.  They looked like they had come home again.  The security and deep commitment was so evident in this couple—we know their marriage will last for years to come.

     It was a great day to take a photo. 

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